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Who We Are

Ezio, Carol and Cesira Miconi

In January of 1990, Ezio and Carol founded Tipp Cyclery with the intent of making it the best little shop around. Ezio is a '84 Purdue Engineering graduate. He handles the repair, assembly and hard goods purchasing end of the business, as well as sales. Carol has an MA from MSU and handles our books as well as buying soft goods and, of course, sales. Our focus has always been on the quality of service, bikes and advice. We have never been fans of the "hard sell" and have refused to consider gross sales as the measure of our success. Even so, our business continues to grow steadily each year, with a minimum of advertising.  Cesira came along in 1994 and helps out around the shop and even laces up an occasional wheel.

DAN PHILLIPS:  Dan and his son Nathan have been avid enthusiasts and customers for decades. Dan works full-time at a local new-car dealership and is truly a top-shelf wrench and all-round nice person. He feels uncomfortable without a wrench in his hand and has been helping us on weekends or evenings for the past three years.

STEVE HEMMELGARN:  Steve began helping out in 2011. He brings over 20 years of engineering experience, has a long-running fascination with 2-wheeled adventure and does regular overnight trips, as well as some longer adventures. He owns several classic steel touring bikes.

ERIK SCHELKUN: Erik is a '94 Troy grad who loves cycling almost as much as he loves photography. His photos grace our website and the sports pages of assorted local papers. He currently works for UD as a sports photographer. He rides road, mountain and cyclocross bikes.  Erik and his wife, Andy, were married in October 2007 and thier daughter was born in September 2013.

TINA LOUISE: Tina, the small black cat (named after the actress who played Ginger on Gilligan's Island) who we adopted around 10 years ago, has finally cashed in her chips and gone to the big scratching post in the sky.  She has been replaced by. . .

PAMELA SUE:  A black and brown adopted Tabby, currently living at her grandmother's house but still visits occasionally. She is still cross-eyed.

SAL MANILA:  A Red-Eared Slider turtle. 

Tina is dearly missed.

We are all bike nuts and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We want to help you enjoy cycling as much as we do, at whatever level you may desire, from weekend bike path rider to aspiring pro.

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